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Jul. 30th, 2011 12:39 pm
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MMO: The Lord of the Rings Online
Server: Gladden
Kin: Defenders of Tanelorn
Aisuriel - L32 captain
Athebur - L24 champion
Lostthondiel - L65 hunter

*koff* And about half a dozen more, but the above are the characters that are in the kin.

The Not-kinned

Neuriel - L17 rune-keeper
Diko - L10 warden (deactivated)

The LotRO community has a built-in blog, but I wanted something separate. This would be updated infrequently, would have no uniformity or story behind the posts (in short, whatever I come up with on the fly), and I suspect, would just turn into something where I could post pictures.

Speaking of which, most of my screenshots are taken with the graphics set on Very Low (I play on a four-year old laptop).

Edited: 17 September 2012
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It's been more than a year since I stopped playing LotRO, which is an eternity in gaming terms. It was funny-annoying since I pre-ordered RoI and didn't even make the launch, haha. Mostly, it was due to my semestral load being full, or like right now, being overloaded. I made the decision to stop since my gaming habits are not compatible with my school. Such is life. Sigh. But such nobility is not meant to last long.

I blame it all on the heavy week-long rain that visited us. Curses! Bored out of my mind, I have gone back to gaming; it does not matter if I have exams, or I was sick, or had to write my thesis. I. Must. Game.

In the meantime, I have said good-bye to my old laptop. *sniff* I'm pretty happy with KyonKyon's replacement, Shin-san (named after Shin of Eyeshield 21). I'm running on Very High Graphics now, hee. :3 I did have the devil of a time making Shin-san play nice with LotRO, though.

Currently, I am working up on Losty getting to L75 before RoR launches in October. Yes, I pre-ordered it, too, and no, I can't definitely say I would still be playing then. ^^;; Although so far, my academic performance is holding up well. Uh, except for my thesis which is getting the short end of the stick, so I suspect I will have to cease roaming Middle Earth again.
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Aisuriel in tutorial area.

Name: Aisuriel
Race: (Wo)Man
Class: Captain
Vocation: Explorer

Everybody familiar with me knew who Aisuriel was immediately. :) Lore got in the way of my wanting an Elf Captain (Captains are exclusive to the race of Man) but I already had my heart set on the name, so I chose Gondor as Aisu's homeland purely so I can justify my name. I mainly want Elf characters because having the animals run at my approach makes me sad. (Also! The blasted animals get in the way of my tabbing, whereas I rarely have that issue with my Elf Hunter.)

You'd think that playing a captain after having levelled a hunter to 65 and a champ to 20s (I also have a RK, but she's shelved for now) would be frustrating. You would only be half-right. A cappy's DPS is nothing to write home about, because they almost have no DPS, LOL. I'm having a lot of fun with her, though. And I expect things to only get better as I get up in level (just hit 32 last night).

I deliberately chose a support class as my second major toon. I wanted to learn how to be a group player, and have most of my focus on my fellows and not on the mob. So far, though, I haven't been in fellowships much, and I'm afraid my captain's going to grow up as a crappy cappy. =/ I need to practise my skills.

Photo details:
Outfit: Quest rewards in starter area
Location: Archet


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