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MMO: The Lord of the Rings Online
Server: Gladden
Kin: Defenders of Tanelorn
Aisuriel - L32 captain
Athebur - L24 champion
Lostthondiel - L65 hunter

*koff* And about half a dozen more, but the above are the characters that are in the kin.

The Not-kinned

Neuriel - L17 rune-keeper
Diko - L10 warden (deactivated)

The LotRO community has a built-in blog, but I wanted something separate. This would be updated infrequently, would have no uniformity or story behind the posts (in short, whatever I come up with on the fly), and I suspect, would just turn into something where I could post pictures.

Speaking of which, most of my screenshots are taken with the graphics set on Very Low (I play on a four-year old laptop).

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